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As an introvert you are sometimes stuck in a loop, and not able to do come out of it, it seems to be a problem that will never end

I know you like to do your own things build startup/business or freelancing or coaching and do many things, you understand that doing the same things which you are doing for several years will not take you further, you can not grow with it. you know that you need to do things differently,

And your courage and motivation to do things will become very low

and you start not believing in yourself, continue to be in your comfort zone, continue to suffer to avoid pain.

Which leads to do things you don't want:

1. You May Have to Hang Out When You Want to be Alone

Most often the pressures of the job, deadlines or goals may not be as challenging as the need to hang out with peers for a get-together, party or celebration. In such situations, you may be considered anti-social if you don’t join them and feel miserable when you do go.

2. You are not Considered Good Enough to be a Leader

You may be intelligent, skilled in your job and has all the expertise required for a project, but you are not likely to be considered for the leadership role because you are an introvert. This comes from the assumption that a leader needs to be a good communicator and needs to keep people engaged at all times.

3. In Parties, You Have to Indulge in Talk You Don’t Like

Many a time, attending a party or celebration is not the issue but you are forced into joining empty conversations, gossip or jokes which you don’t like. You may be interested in serious topics on religion, philosophy, science but can’t initiate it in these gatherings.

4. When You are Quiet, People Think You Have a Problem

In a class or a group gathering, if you keep quiet or be alone, people think you are troubled or having some problem. It can be annoying to be asked often whether you are alright. It may be because you are thinking about something and prefer to listen more before you want to talk

5. You are Blamed for Having Lesser Friends

You may be blamed for having lesser number of friends at home or in school or office. Most often your failures or setbacks may be linked to your introverted nature though extroverted people also have their short comings and disappointments in life.

6. You May be Invited to Address a Gathering

Sometimes you may be called to address a gathering and you find it difficult to make a speech. It is not because you don’t know the topic or the issues, but you prefer to have one-on-one conversations or even express better in writing.

7. Having too Many Visitors and Phone Calls Annoy You

For an introvert like you, nothing is more annoying than dealing with visitors at home or phone calls from strangers. You prefer to have a small group of friends to talk to and have small conversations on the phone

- Gaurav Vaishnava

Your Introvert to Super Successful Introvert Mentor

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