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Why Introverts are Better at Business Than Extroverts

Introverts prefer to think about the task at hand or the next project before acting upon an idea. This is beneficial when executing a business plan, tasks that require a lot of attention to detail or come up with new strategies once the venture is launched.

Introverts often rely on their own inner compass to know if they’re making the right decision or doing a good job. When introverts believe their ideas are good, they don’t back down, nor do they look for someone else to validate their position. While they welcome external validation, that validation is not a crucial part of the process, nor does it define or distract them from the ultimate goal. They have a clear vision about what’s worth pursuing and what’s best being left alone.

Introverts response late, Nothing wrong with that. But sometimes the most valuable thing an entrepreneur can do is listen. I mentioned before that introverts sometimes don’t speak unless they have something to contribute, and this could prove very valuable especially during moments of crisis.

In any line of business, listening to your customers is essential -- if you want to keep them happy. Introverts may not be the best speakers, but they certainly are good listeners and tend to ask the right questions.

In some instances, talk is cheap. Listening is worth its weight in gold. Introverts also don’t seek the limelight. They prefer to have their work speak for them, and this can be an advantage if you’re in sales or marketing.

Introverts can remain objective through tense moments; they have the ability to see multiple points of view and different ways of reaching a solution to the problem at hand. They may have an emotional connection, but emotion won’t overrule their rationality. As a result, they can act diplomatically if needed and take control of the situation.

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